Honorary Consulate
of the Sultanate of Oman
in the Republic of Lithuania

القنصلية الفخرية
لسلطنة عمان في
جمهورية ليتوانيا

Cookie policy


1. Cookie Policy

1.1. About cookies
Websites use smart and useful methods to increase their convenience and make them as interesting as possible for each visitor. One of the best-known methods is related to cookies. Website owners or third parties, such as advertisers who advertise on the website you visit, use cookies.

Cookies are small text files that web pages store on user computers. The cookie information can also be used to track your browsing on various websites that use the same cookie.

Cookies are broken down by duration and by who sets them.

We feel it is important to inform you about the cookies that our website uses and for what purposes they are used. The purpose of information is threefold: we want to maximize your privacy, convenience and development of our website. This explanation gives you more information about the cookies we use on our website and their uses.

2. How omanconsulate.lt and / or its affiliates and brands use cookies
"omanconsulate.lt" uses cookies to collect visitors' statistics and record information about your choices when browsing through websites. Our goal of using our cookies is to improve the experience of your website as a visitor.

3. Cookies and their functions
Different types of cookies are used for different purposes.
The following is a list of commonly used cookie types and explains what they are used for.

3.1. Session cookies
The session cookie is temporarily stored in your computer's memory while you are browsing the website, for example, to keep track of which language you chose. Session cookies are not stored in your computer for a long time; they always disappear when you turn off your web browser.

3.2. Long-term or tracking cookies
A long-term cookie saves the file on your computer for a long time; This cookie has an expiration date. Long-term cookies help websites keep track of your information and settings when you visit in the future. This gives you faster and more convenient access, for example, you do not need to log in again.

After the expiration date, the cookie is automatically deleted when you return to the website that created it.

3.3. Visits to Website Cookies
They are determined by the website itself (the same area as the browser's address bar) and can only crawl the site. These cookies are usually used to store information like yours, so you can use it again when you visit your site.

3.4. Third party cookies
They identify different names (domains) that appear in the browser's address bar, t. y non-visited web site owners.

These cookies, for example, are used to collect information for advertising and user content. Third-party cookies can also be used to collect statistics.

As third-party cookies allow you to create more comprehensive surveys of user browsing habits, they are considered more sensitive to visitors, and most web browsers allow you to adjust settings and not accept third-party cookies.

3.5. Flash cookies
Flash cookies (local shared objects) are data elements that web sites that use Adobe Flash can store on your computer.

Flash cookies are a new way of keeping track of your attendance and more information about you than using traditional cookies. One of the main drawbacks of flash cookies is that you can not find them in your browser. They do not appear in the cookie list that you see when you view the currently stored cookies in your web browser. Ordinary HTTP cookies can not save more than 4 kilobytes of data, and Flash cookies can save up to 100 kilobytes.

One of the most well-known examples of Flash presentations is the video player on the YouTube video site ("Flash"). Flash is the most commonly used flash drive for Flash. "cookies are not only relevant to YouTube, but they apply to all websites that use Flash cookies.)

Flash cookies do not have a time limit. They will continue until they are removed.

3.5.1. How to turn off Flash cookies
You can not block or manage Flash cookies in your browser because they are stored elsewhere - in the shared storage settings panel of the Adobe Setup Web site on the Adobe website.

The Setup Manager can be accessed on the Adobe website, but it works locally on your computer. The web preservation settings show all the Flash cookies that are currently stored on your computer. You can remove flash cookies from individual sites or all at once. You can also increase or decrease the kilobytes of all information that is stored on your computer.

Flash cookies will not be saved if you turn off the option "Allow third-party Flash content to save data to your computer" in the shared saving settings.

If you want to turn off Flash cookies on individual sites, you can do this in the Settings Manager.

4. Cookie management

4.1. How to view cookies
Since cookies are plain text files, they can be browsed with many text editors or printers. You can click on a cookie and open it. Below is a list of shortcuts to view cookies in different browsers. If you are using another browser, see browser cookie information. If you are using a smartphone, see your phone's manual for more information.



Internet Explorer 8-11

If you want websites to not fully host cookies on your computer, you can customize your browser settings so that you will be notified before any cookie is placed. You can also customize your settings so that your browser deletes all cookies or just other cookies. Similarly, you can remove your cookies that have already been placed on your computer. Please note that you will need to individually customize the settings for each browser and computer you use.

We inform you that if you do not want cookies, we will not be able to ensure that our website works properly. Some features of the site may be lost and some web sites may no longer be visible. In addition, you will not necessarily see any ads when you decline cookies. This means that your ads will no longer be targeted to your interests and will be repeated more often.

Each browser has a different setup method. If necessary, use the Browser Help feature to make sure that the settings are correct.

For details on how to turn off cookies on your mobile phone, see your phone's manual for more information.

More information on cookies can be found online at http://www.aboutcookies.org/

5. Other / unexpected cookies
Depending on how the Internet and Web sites work, we are not always aware of the cookies that third parties place on our website. This is especially the case when our website has so-called "built-in items": texts, documents, images, and short films that are stored on the site of another party but displayed on our website or through our website.
Therefore, if you encounter such cookies on our website that we did not specify before, let us know. Or contact the relevant third party directly and ask what cookies they have placed, why they do it, about the life of the cookie and how they ensure your privacy.

6. Contact information
From time to time, we may adapt information on the use of cookies on our websites or on changes to the rules. We always reserve the right to modify the content here and the listed cookies without prior notice. Visit this page to get to know the latest version.


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